Are you tired of sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes and nose, nasal congestion and post nasal drip?  Are you sick of taking allergy tablets, eyedrops and nasal sprays?  Do you not have time for the process of weekly allergy shots?  Then allergy drops may be the answer for you!

Allergy drops use the same extracts as are used for allergy shots, but instead of giving them by injection, they can be taken in the comfort of your own home with a dropper.  The drops are placed under the tongue on a daily basis.  The purpose of the drops are to desensitize individuals to the allergic substances which are bothersome.  Allergy drops can be given to treat allergies caused by dust, mold, cat, dog, tree pollen, grass pollen and ragweed pollen.


Convenient - can be taken at home Shots have to be given in a healthcare office
Can be given for all environmental allergies Can be given for all environmental allergies
Lower total cost - no wasted travel time Travel time required to and from physician's office
Taken daily at home Given every week initially and then gradually spaced out
Not as strong as allergy shots but less side effects More efficacious than allergy drops but higher risk
Insurance generally covers visits and testing but not extracts Insurance generally covers visits, testing and allergy shots
Can use HSA and FSA cards to pay for costs Can use HSA and FSA cards to pay for costs

              DUST                                               MOLD                                                    CAT                                                                 DOG


          TREE POLLEN                           GRASS POLLEN                                       WEED POLLEN                                        HORSE DANDER



Welcome to our practice.  We are the largest provider of allergy and asthma care in the greater Stamford area.  We provide services to the surrounding towns of Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Wilton, Westport, Norwalk, and Fairfield as well as Westchester County, New York. In practice since 1991, our allergists take pride in accurate diagnostic testing and expert treatment. Patient satisfaction and comfort are important to us. Our professional and caring nurses and office staff ensure that you will not be kept waiting for your appointment.  Our physicians have consistently been listed as BEST DOCTORS in Connecticut and the New York metropolitan region. In addition to being Board Certified in Allergy & Immunology, our physicians are also Board Certified in their respective fields of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. This means that our physicians have had the same training as Primary Care doctors such as Internists and Pediatricians prior to specializing in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.  Using this knowledge we can put allergic conditions into the larger perspective of a patient’s general health. We are able to care for patients from early childhood to the elderly with a range of uncomplicated to the complex medical issues faced today such as heart disease, diabetes, pulmonary disease, and other illnesses. 

We offer our patients allergy drop therapy as an alternative to our regular allergy shot treatment.  In this age of limited time constraints, we understand that patients are not always able to come to the office for standard injection immunotherapy.  If patients decide on allergy drop therapy, they can be comforted to know that our office is one of the few in the area run by board certified, fellowship trained, allergists who focus solely on treating allergic disorders.

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